Friday, December 09, 2005

Welcome to the Mormon Musings blog!
My name is Steve Zimmerman and I'll be posting my thoughts regarding the Mormon church and the complex doctrines and culture that define it. Although I no longer believe the foundational claims of the LDS church, its culture represents a significant part of my upbringing and I was a devout follower for 35 years. Although I'll try to be respectful of Mormonism (while disagreeing with many of its tenets), the target audience of this blog is not the true-believing (i.e. unquestioning) member but rather the individual who wishes to logically, rationally, and empirically analyze Mormon beliefs for him- or herself rather than relying on top-down dogma.

As a companion to this blog, two of my neighbors will join me for an ongoing podcast that delves into Mormon-related topics in an hour-long conversational audio format. Neither of my neighbors is Mormon--they are atheist in fact--but I've shared a lot of information about the church with them. Their perspect is interesting to say the least!


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